Pollution and asthma?

The effects of pollution on asthma and allergies are well known.
Atmospheric pollutants irritate respiratory tract and increase the number of respiratory infections.

Effects of atmospheric pollution on asthmatics

  • It causes inflammation of the bronchi
  • It worsens pre-existing symptoms: asthmatics may suffer from an attack more easily or are more confined during pollution peaks.
  • It increases allergic reactions: these pollutants are cofactors in allergic reactions because they increase the response of the bronchi to allergens.

The results of smoking on the bronchi

Smoking destroys the lining of lungs. It predisposes asthmatics to more infections, asthma exacerbations and permanently damages the lungs.
Asthmatics will find cigarette smoke irritates their lungs and will feel more discomfort than usual when surrounded by smokers.

Smoking is the first cause of respiratory illnesses such as chronic bronchitis and asthma. The tar and other chemicals in the cigarette smoke deteriorates the bronchial wall and cilia hairs of the respiratory tracts.

Tobacco smoke is a cofactor which triggers asthma attacks.
It worsens the frequency, the rate and the intensity of asthma attacks
  • Tobacco increases the risk of rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis because of its irritating properties.
  • It worsens allergic symptoms and can even produce some. Allergic people are often more disturbed in the presence of smokers.
  • Tobacco does not cause allergies, except in certain people working in tobacco factories, but it behaves as a powerful amplifier of allergic reactions.

Giving up smoking improves the respiratory function.

A child exposed to cigarette smoke (passive smoking) will have consequences on his health and bronchi.

Domestic pollution

Using domestic pollutants in the home such as cleaning sprays and detergents can worsen respiratory symptoms an even cause them.
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