Hearing aids

Auditory aids, or hearing aids, represent a serious help which can improve the lives of millions of deaf people.

A secondary equipment

Having hearing difficulties affects one's daily life: exchanges and conversations become more and more difficult.
  • Only 20% of deaf people use a hearing aid, whereas this figure is approximately 50% in the United States for example .
  • The bad image conveyed by auditory equipment, the lack of information and its high price can explain this secondary equipment status.

Technological advances

  • However, in recent years, thanks to progress of digital technology and speech processing, hearing aids have become more discrete and effective.
  • Hearing aids apply to all kinds of deafness with a recognised efficiency but variable according to the type of deafness, the person and the environmental acoustic conditions.
  • Hearing aids cannot "cure" or improve a defective ear or an auditory system deteriorated by age, noise, or any other causes.
  • They intervene by amplifying the sounds of the environment.


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