Baby's development: from birth to year one

The development of the baby differs from one child to another.
Each baby evolves according to its genetic make up and home environment .

Here are nevertheless some broad outlines .

Around 1 month

  • When lying flat on its back, it can hold its head straight, and can fold arms and legs
  • It can raise its head when lying on its front
  • When held in a sitting position, it does not hold its head straight
  • It is attentive to noises and may turn its head in response to its mothers voice.
  • It stares and some babies can follow objects

Around 2 months

The baby starts growing.
  • It holds its head straight for a few moments at a time.
  • It can raise its head and shoulders when lying on its front
  • It sucks its fingers
  • It grows by approximately 1 cm per week
  • It holds objects in its hands and movements are much smoother
  • It follows its mother with the eyes
  • It smiles easily
  • Makes cooing and gurgling sounds

Around 3 months

The new born becomes a baby and enters its exploration phase

It sleeps less and less .
  • Can hold its head straight when being lifted up or in a sitting position.
  • When lying on its front can do mini push ups
  • Responds with sounds and cooing when you speak to it and recognises your voice.
  • Turns to loud noises.
  • Disappearance of the grasp reflex
  • It babbles, cooing and gurgles a lot
  • It likes to be massaged
  • It extends and bends its legs
  • May bring hands together and bat toys
  • Can roll over
  • Its field of vision increases to cover 180 degrees

Around 4 months

The baby makes a lot of progress and is increasingly curious.
  • It holds its head straight and does not require neck support anymore.
  • It grasps and reaches for objects
  • It turns its head on hearing a noise
  • Stretched out on its back, it places its legs in extension
  • Can weight bare on legs.
  • It often roars with laughter and coos when you talk.

Around 5 months

  • Can sit with support.
  • Likes to play with his hands and feet
  • Can differentiate between colours .
  • Can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces
  • Is quickly frightened by a noise
  • It smiles when it recognises itself in a mirror

Around 6 months

  • When sitting, it can now hold its head straight without moving it
  • Can roll over in both directions
  • It stretches its arms out
  • It reaches, grasps and releases objects easily
  • Imitates sounds, blows bubbles and turns towards sounds and voices.
  • It easily show its dissatisfaction.
  • May lunge forward or start crawling.

Around 7 months

  • It passes things from one hand to another without releasing its clutch
  • When sitting it can use its arms to prevent falling.
  • It can get around by crawling .
  • It can remain seated with its back supported
  • Likes to put its feet in its mouth
  • Is able to pronounce some syllables and babbles : Ba, da...
  • It needs a teddy bear
  • Waves goodbye

Around 8 months

  • It can remain seated without support
  • It can hold a feeding cup or bottle unaided.
  • It can pronounce its first 2 syllable words.
  • Pulls itself to standing position holding on to furniture for support.
  • Points at objects

It is easily attracted to small objects, socket-outlets and electric cables.

Around 9 months

It likes to draw people's attention.
  • It stands up and can sit down alone
  • It stands upright with some support
  • It recognises its name when it is called
  • It clasps an object between the thumb and the forefinger
  • It eats with its fingers

Around 10 months

The baby's memory develops considerably.
  • Crawls well
  • Feeds from a cup
  • Standing and cruising around furniture for support.
  • It can find where objects are kept.
  • Repeats a sound
  • Says bye and yes
  • It understands refusal and "no"

Around 11 months

  • Stands upright while being held by only one hand or using furniture for support
  • It can stand without support for a few moments
  • Likes to eat with its fingers
  • It understands simple instructions
  • It repeats sounds and imitates gestures
  • Says dada and mama

Around 1 year

  • Walks alone or with the help of another person holding onto your finger tips for some support
  • Opens drawers and cupboard doors
  • His vocabulary is starting to grow - saying several words
  • It understands simple sentences
  • Indicates what he wants with gestures
  • May disobey