Verified Expert Account

About Verified Expert Accounts

The blue verified badge on CCM is a mark of authenticity for a user's account, certifying that the name displayed actually belongs to the person using the account.

This badge appears next to a user's profile name and anywhere else on the website that their username is shown. This badge is always shown in the same color and in the same location, no matter on which website or in which forum it appears. User account names cannot contain emojis, so it is, therefore, impossible for a non-verified user to have this badge appear next to their name.

Verified badges can only be assigned by CCM. For this reason, any account showing an intentionally misleading badge in their profile photo, background photo, or in any other location will be blocked or permanently deleted.

How To Get a Verified Expert Account

In order to have their account verified, an individual must ready to meet two criteria: be willing to have their real identity displayed, rather than a pseudonym; and have a recognized expertise in their area of activity.

An account may be verified if the user has a verifiable expertise in a given sector, whether their experience be of a professional or a personal nature.

Those who have achieved a PhD level of studies are given the title "Dr." (Doctor).

If you believe that your account should be verified, please let us know by submitting a request for account verification.

A verified Expert badge allows website visitors to guarantee that the information provided has been verified. However, under no circumstances does it serve as a recommendation on the part of CCM.

Do not engage with any company or individual who offers you the possibility to obtain a verified Expert badge in exchange for money. We do not sell our verified Expert badges.

CCM reserves the right to give or to remove verified Expert badges at its discretion.

Image: © CCM.