Thumb or dummy?

Sucking his thumb or a dummy can help the baby to fall asleep, to relax or calm down.
Thumb sucking often starts as early as the 4th month of pregnancy. It relaxes the baby.

Thumb sucking

  • Sucking of the thumb represents one of the first automatic gestures of the baby
  • Sucking the thumb relaxes and calms the baby
  • It is impossible to lose it!!!
  • The thumb does not prevent the baby from speaking and expressing himself

Disadvantages of the thumb

  • Questions arise when an older child continues to suck their thumb and whether if this is related to stress and anxiety.
  • Sucking the thumb too strongly can cause a deformity of the palate.

Using a dummy

  • The dummy is less harmful for the palate than the thumb during the first months...
  • It relaxes and calms the baby
  • It helps the baby to fall asleep
  • It can be sterilised
  • Sucking a dummy can give the baby pleasure.
  • The dummy quickly becomes an object, which reassures the baby.
  • A child can easily get rid of his dummy compared to his thumb, which a thumb long term can risk deformation of the palate.
  • Preventing the use of thumb in an older child is more difficult. Some children often continue to suck their thumb to an older age, which is much harder to remove than a dummy.
  • The child must feel ready to be separated from it...

Disadvantages of the dummy

  • The dummy is a breading-ground for germs
  • Frequently, habitual use of a dummy, to prevent it from crying, may have consequences on the child's development
  • The dummy can prevent the baby of babbling if it is used too frequently.
  • The child can become dependent on the dummy
  • It should be avoided in the first month of breast feeding: the suction techniques are different confusing the baby and affecting his ability to latch on correctly. Also sucking on a dummy and not the breast can possibly affect your milk supply as the breast is not being stimulated.
  • If it is lost during the night the baby starts to cry.
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