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Albuminuria - Albumin in the urine

Albumin is a water-soluble protein. When too much albumin is present in the urine this indicates a kidney problem. It is called albuminuria. In this disorder, albumin is found in the urine even though it is supposed to stay in the blood and not be eliminated through waste. Its presence indicates that the kidneys are not functioning correctly because they are letting the albumin pass. It can be detected through the use of a urinary strip, that uses a colored section which reacts to the presence of proteins. This screening method can be supplemented as needed by more rigorous urine analyses.


Albuminuria defines the presence of albumin in the urine. This term is now often replaced by that of proteinuria, as other proteins besides albumin are also present in the urine in the case of this disorder. Albuminuria reflects a kidney problem that leads to the passage of proteins into the urine, even though proteins are normally supposed to stay in the blood. It occurs in the case of a kidney illness, diabetes, and can develop into edematous syndrome, corresponding to an accumulation of water in the interstitial space situated between the blood vessels and the tissues and often visible in a swelling of the lower extremities, the ankles and legs.