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Health Benefits of Swimming

There are a long list of sports that you may want to try to get or stay in shape, and swimming is one of the best ones.

Considered to be a rather relaxing, and even fun, method of exercise, swimming provides you with a range of health benefits.

Effects of Swimming on Your Body

Swimming is an excellent sport that uses all of the body's muscles and helps develop cardiovascular stamina. It is a good exercise for breathing, in particular the lungs, and temporarily relieves your joints of the pressure caused by your body weight. The water also has a massaging effect, helping to improve blood flow and any issues with cellulite.

Ideally, you should swim for 30 to 45 minutes, once or twice a week. To avoid muscle damage, it is also important that you vary strokes.

To avoid fungal infections, you should take a shower and dry yourself carefully after swimming. You should also use flip-flop shoes in the changing room and the showers to help you to avoid verruca. Wearing a bathing cap for your hair is often compulsory and can protect it from chemical products used to keep the pool clean.

Negative effects of swimming include joint pain and frequent ear infections.

Who Shouldn't Go Swimming?

Some health conditions require some time for recovery, and swimming should be avoided until you are completely healthy again. These include lung infection, such as bronchitis and acute asthma attacks; angina; and upper respiratory infections, including the throat, sinus, and especially the ears.

Swimming should be avoided with some skin conditions, like an acute flare up of eczema or an episode of shingles.

If you are afflicted with fainting attacks, have epilepsy, or suffer from diabetes, you should seek for medical advice before you go swimming. It is also advisable to inform the lifeguard before entering the pool.

If you have back pain, you should avoid the front crawl stroke and should swim on your back.

The air in swimming pools can be aggravating for some children and babies who have a tendency to have asthma. However, some find that it helps their breathing. Always seek for medical advice before taking a baby or a child to the pool.

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