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Femoral nerve - Definition


Femoral neuropathy, sometimes referred to as sciatica of the front thigh, is defined as pain in the thigh due to femoral nerve damage. This nerve controls some thigh movement, as well as the sensitivity in the anterior part of the thigh. Femoral neuropathy is caused by pressure on part of the femoral nerve as it travels up the thigh to the spine, or at its point of origin, at the lumbar vertebra. Often, the pressure applied to the nerve is secondary to invertebral disk herniation, or in rarer cases due to the presence of another pressure such as a tumor. Hematoma of the psoas muscle can also put pressure on the femoral nerve. This type of pain often manifests itself as a burning sensation or electric shock, and treatment is often based on analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, with the injection of cortico steroids also considered, administered to near the spinal column and the nerve root.