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Pulmonary nodule - Definition


Nodules are abnormal growths usually round in shape that cumulate on the surface of tissue or in an organ.


Pulmonary nodules are small abnormal lumps that can form inside the lung for different reasons. They are often revealed by chest x-ray, performed in cases exhibiting pulmonary symptoms, or in straight-forward check-ups. Depending on their size on the x-ray, they are defined differently: as micro nodules when inferior to 10 millimeters, and as masses when over 3 centimeters, with nodules defined as falling between these two sizes. Nodules can be indicative of multiple pathologies, such as localized infection, tuberculosis (referring to, in this case, crypt or crevice), or sometimes bronchial cancer.


Depending on the nodule's size and the suspected underlying cause, scanning or removal are possible courses of action.