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Oseosarcoma - Definition


Osteosarcomas are cancerous tumors that develop on a bone, with the femur and tibia being the most frequently affected. Different forms include central osteosarcoma, developing in the very heart of the bone (bone marrow); peripheral or periosteal osteosarcoma, in the inferior layers of the periosteum (covering the bone); and parosteal osteosarcoma, on the periosteum surface. The underlying cause of osteosarcoma is still unknown, but the condition more frequently affects adolescents or young adults. This cancer can lead to the destruction of the bone, overproduction of bone, or a combination of the two. The symptom is primarily pain in the region of the tumor. An x-ray examination can reveal an osteosarcoma, at which point a biopsy is often conducted and removal of the sarcoma. The most common treatment methods combine surgery with chemotherapy.