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White secretions with odor - Definition


Secretion from the reproductive organs, originating from the vagina, are commonly observed in women. With the exception of periods, qualified as normal blood secretion, or metrorrhagia, qualified as abnormal blood secretion, it is possible to have secretion of different types and colors. While white, odorless secretions are normal and common in small quantities during the menstrual cycle, white secretions that have a smell, on the other hand, can indicate a pathology. These are often associated with other unpleasant symptoms, such as mild pain, increased need to urinate, urinary incontinence, burning sensation on urination, or itching. In all cases a urinary or genital infection is suspected, possibly caused by bacteria, mycosis, or a parasite. Tests can be performed on samples of this type of secretion, called leukorrhea, if necessary, and an adapted treatment is designed. In cases of genital infection, sexual partners should also be tested and treated if necessary, and all further sexual activity should be conducted using protection until the patient is cured.