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Total blood protein level - Definition


The total blood protein level, or proteinemia, represents the concentration of proteins in the blood plasma. This level is calculated at 65 to 85 grams per liter. Total blood protein level is represented by albumin and the different globulins, including alpha-, beta-, and gammaglobulins. Hypoproteinemia is defined as abnormally low levels of blood protein. This is particularly the case with liver failure disorders, such as cirrhosis, certain diseases inducing intestinal malabsorption, or kidney diseases that cause a number of these proteins to leak into the urine. In contrast, hyperproteinemia defines an excessively high level of proteins in the blood, possibly as a result of severe dehydration or indicating certain conditions such as myeloma. Serum protein electrophoresis, or SPEP, is used to study the total level of proteins in the blood.