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Necrotic heart - Definition


Necrosis describes a part of the tissue where the cells are "dead," or rendered inactive. A necrotic heart is thus one in which a part is destroyed, or dead. It is generally a consequence of myocardial infarction that reaches the cells of the cardiac muscle. This arises when an artery of the heart is blocked: deprived of oxygen, the cardiac tissues die. The result is a very strong and persistent pain in the chest, and emergency care is needed to reestablish correct circulation. In case of rapid treatment, certain cells deprived of blood supply can still resume their activity if the interruption is not too long, but the others die and the tissue becomes necrotic. A posteriori, if the necrotic surface is small, this is without great consequence to the subsequent functioning of the heart. On the other hand, if the affected zone is large, this may significantly alter the heart's functioning with a cardiac deficiency secondary to an ischemic heart disease. Ischemia is defined as the suffering of cardiac cells after obliteration.