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Concussion - Definition


A shock is defined as the temporary dysfunction of an organ, caused by a trauma that it undergoes. It is known as a concussion when the brain is the organ that is victim to this failure. A concussion can occur even in the absence of trauma or direct shock, through violent movements of the head which cause a displacement of brain structures, as in a car accident with a sudden and violent stop, or if a child is shaken, which is strongly advised against. Very often, a concussion reveals itself through troubles keeping conscious, from the state of a "stunned" person to a true but temporary loss of consciousness, often lasting a few seconds. In most cases, an isolated concussion is not serious, and no lesion of the brain is caused by the trauma. Repeated concussions, however, could lead to certain neurodegenerative diseases, notably Parkinson's disease, which is frequently observed in boxers or rugby players.