Uric acid crystals - Definition

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Uric acid is a product present in the blood, and its level in the blood is called uricemia. Uric acid that is present in the blood is normally eliminated by the kidneys, which pass it out of the system in urine. If there is an excessive concentration of uric acid in the blood, it is called hyperuricemia. If this excessive uric acid persists, it may crystallize in the joints, particularly in the joint of the big toe, and is known as gout. This is responsible for intense and serious pains, and the treatments consist of the drug colchicine, reduction of the quantity of uric acid in the blood, and a strict diet to limit the input of this component. Uric acid may also crystallize in the urinary tracts and generate kidney stones, which, in case of their blockage of excretory tracts, may cause renal colic, a very painful condition.