Pyrosis - Definition

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Pyrosis, or heartburn is a potentially painful symptom that feels like burning spreading up from the upper abdomen along the esophagus up to the pharynx. It can lead to acidic fluids regurgitating into the mouth, in which case it is called gastric reflux.


There are several different underlying causes for this condition, such as an increase in abdominal pressure in pregnant women, an overly-rich or spicy diet, excessive alcoholic consumption, or other.


Heartburn is exacerbated by lying down, and can manifest as a cough particularly during the night. By changing diet from fatty foods and alcohol to more healthy options, sufferers can heal heartburn but if it persists, an endoscopic investigation using a tiny camera, called a gastrocamera, can enable physicians to visualize the interior of the digestive tract and investigate the cause or exacerbating factor, such as a hiatus hernia.