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Lymphatic system - Definition


The lymphatic system brings together all components that contributed to the development and circulation of lymph. This is a colorless or pale-yellow fluid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels spread all over the body. This fluid contains a type of plasma similar to blood plasma, as well as many leukocytes, or white blood cells, hence the important role this fluid plays in the body's defense system. Lymph is produced through a filtration process of some of the blood's components through the capillaries, proceeding then to pass throughout the body before returning to the blood stream via the collecting duct. The lymph nodes are sorts of knots along the lymphatic system circuit, involved in filtering and, more importantly, "cleaning" the system, as well as sparking rapid defense processes on detecting a microbe in the body. Nevertheless, the lymphatic system is also one of the principal culprits for distributing cancerous cells all around the body, which creates the generalization of cancers by metastasis.