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Tendinitis of the shoulder - Definition


Tendinitis of the shoulder is an inflammation of the tendons, particularly of those composing part of the four shoulder muscles, or rotator cuff muscles, which enable the rotation of the shoulder. This condition is for the most part due to over-use of the muscles connected to these tendons, leading to inflammation. Tendinitis of the shoulder can, however, also be caused by other condition, such as one-off or repeated trauma, inflammatory disease, crystalline deposits in the tendon, infection, or other. The condition is characterized by pain on movement, preventing certain gestures. This pain does not manifest when a physician manipulates the arm, as here the muscles, and more particularly the tendons, are not being used. Therapies involving cooling techniques, anti-inflammatory drugs, or sometimes local injection of corticosteroids, can all help reduce the pain. Physiotherapy has also proven beneficial in these cases.