Gene therapy - Definition

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Genetic, or gene therapy, is a technique that is still in the process of development, primarily aimed at treating certain genetic diseases. In principle, it modifies the genes of cells in order to prevent the development of an incurably or severely debilitating disease. This technique can be performed in one or two parent carriers of an identified condition, which we are certain will be transferred to their children, by modifying the germinal cell gene, that is the spermatozoon or ovum carrying the genetic information responsible for the disease, thus potentially preventing its development in the child. Following this theory, certain familial diseases, which are for a large part caused by genes, such as certain recurring types of cancer in families, could eventually be prevented. For many years now, clinical trials have been conducted, producing more or less proven success. Yet despite the technique being medically promising, it is subject to much controversy, notably in terms of medical ethics.