Computerized tomography - Definition

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Computerized tomography, more commonly known as scanning, is a medical imaging technique that allows us to visualize and study the organs of the body. This technique is based on the same principal as imaging using x-ray and enables the visualization of thin sections of tissues to be studied. A device emits x-rays, and the quantity of rays captured varies depending on the density of the tissues they pass through, thus creating an image of varying contrast by means of computerization. This technique is used for diagnosis, often taking the place of standard techniques like x-ray or ultrasonography as it provides more precise results. It can reveal the presence of lesions inside certain organs, detecting their density and thus enabling their categorization and an idea of their nature. The technique can be used either to study one part of the body, or for the entire body, notably used in cases of metastasis investigation in progressed cancer or significant trauma.