Leg ulcer - Definition

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Ulcers are defined as the loss of a superficial section of tissue, usually affecting the mucous membranes lining certain organs, particularly of the digestive system, or found on the skin, in which case they form lesions. Leg ulcers are, medically speaking, venous ulcers that most often appear on the legs. They are characterized as a wounds that do not heal easily, weep small or large amounts of fluid, and form a crater of loss of tissue. In the majority of cases, these ulcers are caused by improper functioning of blood circulation. The skin affected by the ulcer becomes damaged, and dies due to lack of blood supply or too much pressure exerted by the build up of stagnating blood. Depending on the underlying cause for the ulcer, these wounds appear and develop differently. To treat a leg ulcer you not only need to treat the cause, but also need to apply specific treatment, notably from the field of nursing care, with regular dressings. It can take a long time and a lot of treatment before these ulcers heal over.