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Aboulia is a type of personality disorder characterized by a lack or even the disappearance of the will. Aboulia can also be a symptom of a more serious condition such as depression or dementia. A person who suffers from (No Suggestions) reduces a large part or all of his activities, with everyday tasks becoming more difficult to perform and decisions harder and harder to make. Such a person is aware of the deterioration of his health, and it is often the family that sets up a consultation. The treatment of (No Suggestions) with psychotherapy may, as appropriate, be accompanied by medication.


The diagnosis of aboulia is done by questioning a patient and his close ones that express the loss of desire and lack of initiative. It is sometimes necessary to perform a blood test to eliminate a somatic or hormonal pathology so that a psychological report can be produced.


The aboulia may be a disease in its own right or a symptom of another illness such as depression, neurasthenia, dementia or addiction. It manifests itself in different ways. A person with aboulia:
  • has no will;
  • cannot make a decision;
  • is unable to stick to a schedule;
  • has difficulty communicating;
  • suffers from shyness and loneliness.


Before dealing aboulia, its causes must be established. Often, if a cause is found, it is the treatment of the latter that prevails. Depending on the level of aboulia, the doctor will prescribe:
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Treatment with antidepressants or anxiolytics if necessary.

To maximize the chances of recovery, the family and the patient's entourage should be listening and provide a form of support. It is very difficult to prevent aboulia. In case of obvious personality change, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.