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Deep depression


Depression is one of most prevalent diseases of this past century. It results in mood changes, states of severe sadness or deep despair. Deep depression is a depression that lasts. Depressive states are repetitive and eventually become recurring. There is a marked rupture with the usual state of the patient and the symptoms become severe.


As part of a depressive syndrome, one will notice:
  • Loss of pleasure in performing activities;
  • dark ideas, sometimes related to suicide;
  • psychomotor retardation, resulting particularly in the hindrance of daily tasks;
  • significant sadness
  • asthenia (fatigue);
  • appetite disorders (anorexia);
  • sleep, behavior and concentration disorders;
  • loss of self-esteem (self-image);
  • a significant guilt or worthlessness.

This list is particularly evocative of a depressive syndrome.
Depending on the disease's evolution over time, a depressive episode may be minor and isolated, seasonal, or chronic.


The diagnosis is made by a doctor when at least five of the symptoms mentioned above are present. An examination of the patient, as well as questioning, is sufficient to establish the diagnosis. The general condition and behavior of the patient are also good indicators of the disease.


In the case of isolated and reactionary depressive episodes, the use of medication is not mandatory because most substances are not without side effects. In the case of major depressive disorder or chronic depression, treatment will involve the use of antidepressants coupled with regular psychological counseling. At the start of a treatment, it is important to closely monitor a patient with depression. Indeed, during the first fifteen days of taking antidepressant drugs, there is a phenomenon called a "release of inhibitions". Many suicidal acts may be observed during this period. Along with support, several workshops can be implemented, in particular to restore self-esteem, but also to work on body image.

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