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Asperger's syndrome


Asperger's syndrome is an autistic disorder in children and up to 600 000 people are affected by it around the world. It is a high-level autism that affects the brain and is up to five times more common in boys than in girls. Asperger's syndrome is characterized by problems in communicating and developing social relationships. This form of autism differs from other autism varieties because cognitive development generally is preserved.


People with Asperger's syndrome have a range of qualities. They:
  • are very intelligent;
  • are perfectionists;
  • pay attention to detail;
  • have significant analytical skills;
  • are endowed with logic skills and an extraordinary memory.

However, victims of Asperger's syndrome have difficulty coordinating their actions (they are stiff and make awkward movements) and managing space-time relations. They are unable to build relationships, yet speak normally. They also have quite stereotyped behaviors and focus on a few interests or activities.


The diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome is not obvious to make. Indeed, many of the symptoms observed may suggest other psychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia. The diagnosis is based on a set of arguments and a long-term follow-up of the child in order to monitor the progression of symptoms and behaviors.


Like all autistic disorders, Asperger's syndrome cannot be treated. However, it is important to make an early diagnosis so that parents can adapt their behavior. They should reassure the child by limiting noise and by avoiding too many social contacts, promoting his education and schooling and focusing on learning social skills.


It is not possible to prevent Asperger's syndrome, on the one hand because its exact origin remains unknown to this day, on the other hand because the only tracks mentioned are genetic and therefore uncontrollable. It would appear that the genetic origin is important, involving multiple genes that interact with the environment.

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