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Early symptoms of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy are differents of each woman and appear to vary dates. Some women clearly and quickly feel the first signs of pregnancy and others sometimes discover them much later.

Some pregnant women have few events in early pregnancy.

6 weeks of gestation

The end of the first month of pregnancy corresponds to a 15 days delayed periods. This is called the 6 weeks of gestation term, corresponding to 6 weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period.

Delayed menstruation

A missed or delayed period remain the first event of pregnancy. However most women have irregular periods, caused most frequently by the contraceptive methods they use.
Some women have even minor bleeding they assimilate to their periods: they correspond to the implantation of the egg in the womb.

A few days after the delay rules

The first signs of pregnancy can occur when delayed menstruation or after a few days.

Before the late period

Early signs of pregnancy may occur before the late period, about 8 to 10 days after fertilization.

Signs related to hormonal changes

Many events can attest to early signs of pregnancy. They are most often caused by hormonal changes caused by pregnancy.

Unusual tiredness

The occurrence of unusual tiredness, sleepiness during the day or a frequent urge to sleep can actually witness the beginning of a pregnancy.

Disturbed sleep

Sleep can also be disrupted during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Irritability, mood disorders

The occurrence of abnormal irritability accompanied by a highly emotional events are often experienced by women in early pregnancy.


Nausea occur most frequently in the morning and can last throughout the day.

Breast swelling

The breasts may increase in size, become more sensitive, hard and painful.

Eating disorders

An increase or decrease in appetite may be observed.

Disgust of some odors

Disgust for certain foods or certain smells often disrupt pregnant women.

Curious sensation in the mouth

The appearance of a metallic taste or iron taste in the mouth is a curious event experienced by many pregnant women.


The most famous remains that desires strawberries.

Other signs

The appearance of acne and white discharge are also often found events.

Do a pregnancy test

The best way to ensure the pregnancy is to perform pregnancy test

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