Atopic asthma - Definition

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Atopic, or extrinsic, asthma defines the asthmatic symptoms manifesting in an atopic individual. The word atopic in reality denotes a genetic susceptibility to develop allergies, hence why atopic asthma, or allergic asthma, is often associated with eczema or other hypersensitive-related reactions. An individual who suffers from allergies can suffer from asthma attacks brought on by certain substances, called allergens, with the constriction and obstruction of the bronchi due to secretion of mucous, causing breathing difficulties. This type of asthma is extremely common in children, and the allergies are investigated using allergy tests, called skin-prick tests, and often identified as dust mite, dust, animal hair, or pollen allergies. Treatment for this type of asthma is the same for any typical form, with added measures of elimination of the allergens responsible.