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Delayed ejaculation


A delayed ejaculation reflects problems with the evacuation of sperm despite a sexual arousal. It is often felt as a personal failure. The time required for the expulsion of semen is considered too long by some men and can be generate self-consciousness or even suffering. It can be permanent or temporary and is determined as follows:
  • primary or permanent delayed ejaculation: it occurs regardless of the circumstances;
  • situational or transitory delayed ejaculation: occuring only in specific situations.

The reason most often cited by experts is a preference for masturbation over sexual intercourse with a partner. Other sources may be:
  • age;
  • deformities;
  • post-surgical factors;
  • genital or systemic diseases;
  • certain drugs or toxic substances.

It is distinguished from a non-ejacuation that can be psychological or secondary to a disease or surgery such as the removal of the prostate.


A delayed ejaculation can occur due to:
  • an unresponsiveness to penis stimulation by a partner;
  • a significant need for concentration to achieve excitement;
  • an unsustainable erection;
  • a number of back-and-forth intravaginal movements deemed excessive by a man.

In many cases, ejaculation does not pose any problem when the man masturbates in the absence of a partner.


Initially, organic causes are sought in a general examination. Psychological origin can be identified during the examination of the patient. A sexological assessment will allow an analysis of the perception of arousal during sex. Sometimes, an ultrasound can help locate a potential dysfunction in the ejaculatory circuit.


A couple's psycho-sexological treatment often provides good results, the causes of delayed ejaculation being mostly psychological. It is therefore important to determine:
  • the expectation of performance required by the man or his partner;
  • the existence of conflict or anger towards the partner;
  • the quality of the excitment for the duration of intercourse.


To reduce the psychological factors that can lead to a delayed ejaculation, it is best to directly deal with all potential conflicts within the couple and to encourage communication. On the other hand, external factors can help reduce a lack of ejaculation, namely:
  • quitting smoking;
  • alcohol withdrawal;
  • a healthy lifestyle.

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