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Severe fatigue


Severe fatigue may be due to a multitude of diseases:
  • infectious diseases;
  • inflammatory diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • anemia;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • depression;
  • hyperactivity;
  • a hormonal disorder;
  • poor diet;
  • sleep disorders;
  • toxins;
  • medications ...

Rest is not always able to improve the patient's condition. It is important to diagnose the cause so that the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.


Severe fatigue prevents the patient from performing common daily activities; a psychological and social hindrance can worsen this disorder. The symptoms that are usually experienced relate to an abnormal decrease in fitness and in physical capacities. We can distinguish fatigue that is a normal phenomenon improved by rest from asthenia, which is a fatigue that endures even after resting. There is also a fatigue due to physical fatigue from an abnormally low effort, and psychasthenia which is a fatigue of psychological origin.


After an interview, additional tests are prescribed to determine the origin of the intense fatigue, often a significant organic disease or a psychological origin like depression. Fatigue should be considered as a real warning signal, and should never be overlooked.


The treatment of severe fatigue depends on its causes. The results of the various investigations enable the practitioner to develop a protocol adapted to each case. If the patient is depressed, antidepressants will improve symptoms within a few weeks.


Lifestyle has a major impact on health. To prevent severe fatigue, it is important to:
  • maintain a minimum of outdoor physical activity;
  • respect a regular sleep schedule in calm conditions;
  • adopt a varied and balanced diet;
  • Avoid stimulants (tobacco, alcohol, coffee) and excess sugar;
  • Schedule daily periods of rest and relaxation;
  • avoid excessive stress and burnouts.

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