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High blood pressure and diet

Some dietary measures are recommended for people with hypertension.

Moderate salt intake

  • Excessive salt intake is a risk factor for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • A reduced consumption of salt causes less cardiovascular accidents: The daily requirement of salt is 1 to 2 g.
  • A reduction in salt intake lowers blood pressure.
  • Limit your salt intake to 6 g per day maximum, which corresponds to about 3 g of sodium.
  • 1 g salt contains about 500mg of sodium.
  • 1 pinch of salt contains about 1 gram of salt.

Advices to eat less salt

  • Put just little salt in the kitchen.
  • Do not add salt to the dish.
  • Use diet salt: as potassium chloride.
  • Avoid products high in salt: meats, cheeses, industrial food, cheese, crackers ...
  • Choose a mineral water containing less than 150 mg of sodium per liter.

Salt increases hunger

The salt also increases hunger

Eat less salt helps to gain less weight

According to one published in the British medical journal Hypertension study, limit the amount of salt consumed by children would be a good way to limit their weight gain
  • The study was conducted in 2008 among 2,000 Britons aged 4-18 years.
  • Children who consume less salty dishes tend to drink less sugary drinks than those who eat very salty beverages.
  • This study led to the discovery that daily, for 1 gram of salt consumed in less, a child fell by 27 grams his consumption of sugary drinks.

Monitor your calcium intake

Daily calcium intake should not be overlooked when you are hypertensive
2-3 dairy products a day are recommended:
  • Yogurt, milk, curd cheese ...
  • Avoid cheeses containing too much salt.
  • Think of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Think of the high mineral content of calcium waters.

Monitor your magnesium intake

Remember to bring enough magnesium in your body if you have high blood pressure.
  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Ocasionally eat 1 chocolate square.
  • Think of magnesium-rich legumes.
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables can be consumed.

Foods to avoid when hypertension is present

  • Oysters that contain a lot of sea water
  • the salted butter.
  • Cheeses: think yoghurt.
  • Condiments: mustard ...
  • Mineral water with high salt content and some carbonated water ..
  • Crackers.
  • Peanuts and toasted almonds.
  • Industrial dishes contain a high salt content and preserves.
  • The effervescent tablets are also to be avoided (for a tablet 1g, almost half is composed of salt).

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