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Blood pressure: Home monitoring

Self-measurement devices

Devices for measuring blood pressure to take his blood pressure at home are recommended to better monitor his blood pressure. The figures of blood pressure can vary during the day, an hour, even minute to minute and from day to day. Blood pressure tends to drop at night and be a little higher in the morning.

The white-coat effect

The figures of blood pressure can also hearth higher during a visit to the doctor because of the effect of anxiety, also called white-coat effect, caused by a medical consultation.
Stress, anger and nervousness are factors that may increase blood pressure.

Benefits of self-monitoring

The readings from your blood pressure at home most often reflect the reality of blood pressure. Self-measurement of blood pressure allows you to multiply measures and to better define the medium blood pressure level. Taking your blood pressure at home, in optimal conditions of rest, gives a more precise idea of ??the average figure of blood pressure. These figures also allow the doctor to monitor the effectiveness of treatment

How to perform the measurement?

Sit quietly in calm and wait about 5 minutes before taking it.
When measuring blood pressure, an accurate reading requires not to drink coffee, to smoke cigarettes, or engage in strenuous exercise for 30 minutes before taking the reading

Rule of the 3

Take the blood pressure on three days in the week before consultation of doctor

Make three consecutive measurements:
  • The morning between getting up and breakfast, a few minutes apart.
  • The evening between dinner and bedtime, a few minutes apart..

Some devices can automatically take three successive measurements of blood pressure.

Keep the recorded measures

Write the measurements of each blood pressure check on the sheet provided for this statement and do not forget to bring it to the doctor.

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