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Leakage of urine in women - Definition


Urinary leakage, or urinary incontinence, is an involuntary discharge of urine. Women are more often affected in the majority of cases. In women, urinary leakage can be due to two main causes. On the one hand, stress incontinence: when urine is released in the context of a sporting event or during a sneeze or cough. On the other hand, the bladder may also contract itself: this is called an overactive bladder, which is responsible for urgent needs to go with an inability to hold it, and a quick leakage: this is urgency incontinence. Both conditions can occur at once. Retraining the bladder, called perineal retraining, performed by a physical therapist, can improve symptoms and surgery is sometimes possible. Note that some neurological diseases can be responsible for incontinence, such as multiple sclerosis at an advanced stage.