Encephalitis - Definition

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Encephalitis is an inflammation of the encephalon, the part of the central nervous system located in the skull and including the cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum, and brainstem. It can be caused by a bacterium, parasite, or viral infection. Inflammation can affect all or part of the brain and the symptoms will depend on the affected area. Generally, encephalitis can occur in the form of headache, fuzzy consciousness, or confused behavior, seizures, neurological symptoms, or fever . Encephalitis can be detected through a blood test showing signs of infection, but a lumbar puncture enabling the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid preceded, as needed, by a CT scan, will allow confirmation of the diagnosis and aid in the search for a cause. Depending on the cause, antiviral drugs, antibiotics, pesticides ... sometimes associated with corticosteroid therapy will be implemented .