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Erythema - Definition


Erythema is a common dermatological lesion that appears as redness of the skin more or less intense that disappears when pressure is applied. Erythema is usually localized but may extend over a larger area. It can be the result of a skin disease, such as measles or erythema infectiosum, also called fifth disease, affecting children. It is called morbilliform erythema in this case, when the lesions are separated by areas of normal skin. Other erythemas are known as sclarlatiniform and resemble the eruptions that occur in cases of scarlet fever, with bright red patches and no healthy skin in the middle. Others are called roseoliform resembling roseola with very distinct pink dots. Erythema can also be a symptom of an infection, an allergic reaction to a medication such as antibiotics, hives, and many other origins.