Gynecology - Definition

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Gynecology is a medical specialty which also includes some surgical aspects. Practiced by a gynecologist, it is dedicated to the study and treatment of various problems and diseases of the female genital tract. Gynecology mainly deals with female hormonal problems, whether they are problems with menstruation or menopause, contraception, diseases of the breast, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the external genitalia and, of course, cancer in women. It also enables the detection of precancerous lesions of the cervix with testing in sexually active women occurring every 3 years until the age of 65; this is the Pap smear. Note that these tests can be done by general practitioners. A variant of gynecology, obstetrics is performed by an obstetrician gynecologist, who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth, often supplemented by a midwife .