Subdural hematoma - Definition

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The subdural hematoma is a cerebral hematoma located between the dura mater, the outermost membrane of the three meninges that protect the brain, and the arachnoid, the meninges in the middle. The subdural hematoma is often traumatic, following a shock to the skull that caused an injury of a vessel and bleeding. It can increase intracranial pressure and cause neurological damage by compressing parts of the brain. Small hematomas may heal spontaneously, but if they are larger, they require surgical management. The subdural hematomas can form rapidly and are suspected in the presence of neurological signs that occur quickly after a shock. They can also form very slowly, and the possibility of an antecedent trauma should be considered. A cerebral scan enables the identification of the subdural hematoma and to consider surgical treatment , sometimes urgently.