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Herpes - Definition


Herpes is a viral and contagious disease caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) which appears as lesions on the skin and mucus membrane. In the case of herpes, blisters appear grouped on the affected area. Herpes is benign, but it can be annoying during pregnancy, in infants, or in immunocompromised individuals, responsible for pulmonary infections or encephalitis. There are two main types of herpes viruses, HSV-1 is an oral manifestation and HSV2 affects the genital areas . After an initial contact with the virus that may go unnoticed or may be disruptive especially in children with herpetic gingivostomatitis, which includes numerous vesicles in and around the mouth responsible for pain and decreased nourishment, the virus remains present in the organism. It can then lead to recurrences, frequently taking the form of herpes labialis or cold sores in the case of HSV1. The cold sore is a small vesicle or a small group of vesicles, usually located at the junction between the lining of the lips and facial skin. Aside from its unsightly appearance , it is not dangerous, but contamination is common in cases of outbreaks .