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Hyperopia - Definition


Hyperopia is an ophthalmologic disorder, part of the refraction abnormalities in which the light rays passing through the structures of the eye will not converge normally and project beyond the optimal viewing area located on the retina, called the macula. Nevertheless, thanks to the accommodation phenomenon, the ability of the lens to change its radius of curvature, the eye can increase the zone of convergence and clear vision is permitted. However, the patient with hyperopia has trouble distinguishing objects which are too close because accommodation has its limits. The diagnosis is often done in children or young adults who complain of blurred near vision, red itchy eyes or headaches late in the day, due to visual fatigue generated by the constant effort of accommodation. Nevertheless, as far vision is compensated by accommodation, the rapid test for vision problems, including letters seen from 5 meters away will show no abnormality. Farsightedness is evaluated by an ophthalmologist , which determines the strength of glasses or contact lenses to use.