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To explain the cause of ringing in the ear, a doctor will perform a general physical examination in conjunction with a medical questionnaire to determine if the patient has not had an accident or some other sort stressful event. According to the medical history of the patient and the outcome of the consultation, the doctor may direct the patient to an ENT. The latter will perform a hearing test which may be supplemented by:
  • CT scan;
  • MRI;
  • audiometric balance test.

Tinnitus being not due to an external factor, it cannot be measured.


Tinnitus is manifested differently depending on the patient. The buzzing, whistling or ringing may vary at all levels, namely in regards to:
  • their intensity;
  • their duration;
  • their presence in one ear or both.

The description of the ringing in the ear is unique to each patient. It is thus very difficult for doctors to make a correct diagnosis and to choose the best treatment.


Prescribed in cases of tinnitus, treatment will depend on whether or not there is a discovery of a potential cause. If a cause is identified, treatment is essential, such as the elimination of certain toxic drugs in the inner ear or the management of a tumor such as neuroma. The treatment is more complicated in the case of idiopathic tinnitus, where no cause is found: a psychological treatment is considered to help the patient ignore these stimuli that sometimes last a lifetime.

It is possible to prevent the ringing in the ear by taking care of your hearing. For this, it is essential to pay attention to ear hygiene and to always protect from excessive noise.