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Irradiation - Definition


Irradiation is a term used in medicine for many things. Irradiation is the set of light rays, X-rays, or radiation from radioactive elements, emitted by a source. It is also the exposure of all or part of the body to this radiation that can disrupt the functioning of body cells. It can modify the structure of DNA. Faced with moderate irradiation, the body can defend itself. For prolonged or repeated irradiation, the cells are destroyed. It can cause various diseases such as cancer that can occur years after the initial irradiation. Irradiation during pregnancy may cause fetal malformations or genetic mutations. Finally, the term also refers to the radiation of pain spread from the location of the original trauma to another part of the body: this is the case in certain myocardial infarctions, for example, or we say that the pain may radiate to the left arm or jaw.