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Brain cyst - Definition


A cyst is a pocket fixed onto or in an organ or a body tissue, of varying size and structure, but is not connected with the outside. In the brain, these cysts are not usually responsible for any symptoms, but depending on their location and size, they can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, seizures, or signs related to the area of the brain which can sometimes be compromised. Arachnoid cysts differ, as they develop within the arachnoid, one of the three meningeal membranes, whose role is to protect the brain structures. These cysts mainly affect children and are often benign. There are also some epidermoid cysts and certain tumors of the brain are sometimes cystic in nature such as astrocytoma in children. A CT scan or MRI often identifies the cyst and a biopsy can give more information. Depending on the circumstances and the nature, the impact on the life of the patient, and the location, surgery is sometimes performed if it is possible.