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Mental Block: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A mental block is a form of uncontrollable resistance or discharge, suspected to originate in the brain. It is defined as the unconscious denial of a thought or an emotion. A mental block appears as a mode of defense, removing from one's conscience any representation likely to disrupt them. A mental block may occur in the case of neurosis, hysteria, or in the absence of any pathology.

There is also talk of mental block when a person is no longer able to think properly and to organize their thoughts, which was of no concern before. A typical example is the mental block of a writer who, after being productive for a long time, is unable to write.

Symptoms of Mental Block

Symptoms of mental block vary widely depending on the type of blockage and the unconscious purpose for which this block occurs. The patient who has a mental block may show signs of loss of energy and grow stern. They may complain of feelings of inner tension, excessive emotions, psychological suffering, or unsatisfactory sexuality. The block may also have some physical symptoms, but there is usually no link between them and the mental block.

Diagnosis of Mental Block

The diagnosis of mental block is not easy as it is manifested in different forms. The patient may be anxious, introverted, sad or angry, and may have various other physical symptoms of psychological origin. This is called a psychosomatic disorder. After eliminating the possible existence of another disease, the doctor will send the patient to a psychotherapist.

Treatment of Mental Block

Monitoring by a therapist can bring great peace to the patient suffering with a mental block. The therapist attempts to determine the severity of the blockage and its origin(s), whether they be emotional, spiritual, or mental. Medication may be prescribed, depending on the physical conditions presented by the subject.

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