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Atrial flutter - Definition


An atrial flutter is a heart rhythm disorder. This condition is discovered during an electrocardiogram by chance, or the patient sometimes complains of sensations of rapid palpitations. This disease is due to a disturbance of the control of the contraction of the atria and an electrical impulse whose circuit is disturbed. It appears as a ventricular tachycardia at 150 beats per minute without pause, and is easily recognized on the electrocardiogram. The initial treatment is based on prevention of the main complication of a flutter, the possibility of an occurrence of an embolism, the migration of a blood clot that blocks a blood vessel, which may be responsible for stroke, for example. An anticoagulant treatment is only temporary, as there is a technique to cure the flutter: it is a radiofrequency ablation, equivalent to a burn, of the faulty circuit .