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Vaginal burning


Vaginal burning can have several origins. It can be caused by a yeast infection, inflammation of the vagina caused by bacteria, parasites or fungi, vulvitis, injury, irritation during sexual intercourse or a sexually transmitted infection or STI (formerly called STD). Persistent vaginal burns require a medical consultation with a general practitioner or a gynecologist so as to determine the cause. Once the latter is identified, appropriate treatment is prescribed.


To put an end to vaginal burns, the doctor or gynecologist will perform a medical examination regarding hygiene, sex and contraception, followed by clinical and gynecological examination. The consultation can be completed by:
  • a blood test;
  • analysis of potential vaginal secretions;
  • a pap smear.


Vaginal burns are manifested by pain and burning in the vagina. The pain may spread to the vulva, in which case it is referred to as vulvovaginitis if there is indeed an inflammation. The pain and burning may be accompanied by:
  • itching;
  • gynecological leaking;
  • redness;
  • irritation;
  • unpleasant odors.


The choice of treatment depends entirely on the diagnosis made by the doctor or gynecologist. Depending on the condition at issue, the treatment will consist of:
  • antibiotics for infections;
  • antifungal creams in the case of a fungal infection.

Treatment is generally in the form of an ointment or vaginal suppository.
In the case of sexually transmitted infections, a screening of other STIs should be done for the patient and for her partner (s). All continuing sexual relationships must be protected to stop further spread.

It is possible to limit the occurrence of vaginal burns. For this, women must:
  • perform their personal hygiene with alkaline or pH neutral soap;
  • Use a lubricant if necessary during sexual intercourse;
  • use underwear made of cotton
  • not wear tight pants every day.

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