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Digestive burning


Digestive burning is a sensation felt mainly in the stomach. It is usually caused by too much stomach acid, and are located on the upper abdomen in the epigastric region itself, with sensations of acid reflux occurring within minutes to hours after food intake. It is a common condition that is not serious in itself, but the impact is inconvenient for the patient. Other causes may be at the heart of gastrointestinal burns, and the location is not always the stomach.


To find the origin of gastrointestinal burns, the doctor performs a medical examination to ascertain the circumstances, their occurrence in regards to food, ways that they are relieved, and other predisposing factors ... A physical examination is then performed. This can be completed by:
  • a blood test;
  • X-rays of the abdomen;
  • an abdominal ultrasound;
  • an endoscopic examination, oesogastroscopy, and sometimes a colonoscopy depending on the suspected origin.


Digestive burns are usually manifested by a sensation of intense heat in the gastrointestinal tract but also by:
  • abdominal pain;
  • disorders of digestion;
  • bowel disorders (constipation or diarrhea).


To overcome digestive burns, treatment of the cause should be undertaken if it exists. The doctor may prescribe non-specific pain medication, or antispasmodic drugs that fight against gastric acidity. The patient is asked to follow a balanced diet without too many rich and spicy foods. It is also recommended to limit consumption of coffee and alcohol and to quit smoking.

To avoid suffering from digestive burns, one must follow some rules such as:
  • sitting while eating and taking your time;
  • chewing your food properly;
  • eating at fixed times;
  • hydration during and between meals.

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