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Venereal disease - Definition


A venereal disease is any disease that is related to sex: it is usually an infection where the pathogen responsible for the disease, often a virus, fungus, or bacterium, passes from one individual to another. Also referred to as sexually transmitted infections or STIs, which replaces the former name of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. This covers a large number of different diseases, more or less serious depending on the case. Among the most known venereal diseases, there are AIDS, syphilis, genital infections such as genital herpes or chlamydial urethritis. Using a condom for whatever type of sexual act is currently the best way to protect against venereal diseases. Once a venereal disease has been identified, one's sexual partner or partners should be informed and possibly treated if necessary, and a test for other STIs is often recommended. Sexual relations should be protected until the patient is healed.