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Sexually Transmitted Disease - Definition


Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are, as their name suggests, diseases that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. The term STI, short for <bold>sexually transmitted infections, has been preferred over the term "STD" in recent years. STIs may also be referred to as venereal diseases. This group of infection can result from any type of unprotected sex: vaginal, anal, and even oral.

Among the most well-known STIs are AIDS, syphilis, and other genital infections such as chlamydia, urethritis, and genital herpes. Symptoms vary greatly from one disease to another.

The best prevention of an STI is always using a condom during sexual intercourse. When an STI is discovered, a test for other sexually transmitted infections is recommended, as well as information and treatment of the partners. Protected sexual relations until the patient is healed is also strongly recommended.