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Groin - Definition

The groin is the area corresponding to the fold between the lower part of the abdomen and thigh.


The groin is a part of the human body located between the thigh and the trunk, right and left. The groin is bisected by the femoral arteries. It is composed of the sartorius muscle, ligament that joins the iliac spine to the pubis and adductor muscles. The most common conditions affecting the groin are inguinal hernia or pubalgia, pain in the pubis. Sometimes the testicles can back up into the groin. Inguinal hernias can be treated with a suitable bandage and placed on the area.


Pain in the groin, also called inguinal pain, may follow a so-called referred pain, from an intra-abdominal organ or the leg. In case of a small mass found on palpation, an inguinal or femoral hernia is suspected. The kidney may also be involved: the typical pain of renal colic due to a stone blocked in the urinary tract causes pain starting at one side of the back, going around the side, and passing from the groin to the genitals. The groin can also be painful in cases of injury to a tendon, osteoarthritis of the hip, or muscle problems.


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