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Cyst of the vagina


A cyst is a growth in a tissue or organ. In the vagina, there are two glands, called Bartholin's gland, located on either side of the entry of the vagina. These glands have the role of vaginal lubrication. A cyst of the vagina often appears in the aftermath of a blockage of one of the Bartholin's glands, which leads to an increase in its volume. The main complication is the inflammation of one of the Bartholin glands secondary to infection, called bartholinitis.


The appearance of a cyst of the vagina may cause no symptoms. The woman does not feel any pain or discomfort. The cyst will be discovered incidentally by the patient, or during a gynecological examination.
In other cases, the patient may feel:
- a small mass abnormally present;
- discomfort, heaviness in the vagina;
- discomfort during sexual intercourse.
In case of infection of the cyst, symptoms of bartholinitis are more severe:
- greater pain and swelling;
- redness and increased heat of the mass;
- increased discomfort.


The diagnosis of a cyst of the Bartholin gland is based on the presence of a lump in the vaginal wall. Depending on the observed symptoms and their intensity, bartholinitis may be suspected.


Vaginal cysts usually do not lead to complications. When the latter do not cause any discomfort, a simple monitoring will be assured. If the size of the latter becomes too large however, the surgical removal of the cyst may be carried out. This procedure is fairly benign.
In the case of bartholinitis, an antibiotic treatment will be implemented. In case of failure or excessive symptoms, surgery may be performed.

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