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Tips to Get Rid Of a Migraine

A migraine is defined as a throbbing headache that usually afflicts one specific zone of the head and is oftentimes closely associated with nausea and troublesome vision.

Here are a few tips that will help you manage your migraine, and possibly even make your migraine go away.

How To Make a Migraine Go Away

You may find that surrounding yourself in darkness and silence gives you great comfort when you are experiencing a migraine. Consider lying down in a dark room away from any light source, wearing tinted glasses to avoid light, avoiding noise by using earplugs, or simply trying to sleep.

Many migraine sufferers find that introducing sugar or caffeine in their bodies helps them to chase off a stubborn migraine. You may want to try swallowing a lump of sugar or drinking beverages containing caffeine (because caffeine has anti migraine properties), such as strong coffee, tea, hot cocoa and soft drinks. Some sufferers also find relief by drinking an herbal tea or a jasmine verbena marjoram.

Simply applying an ice pack, ice in a washcloth, or a cold compress to your head may alleviate migraine symptoms.

Finally, many migraine sufferers use various relaxation methods to cope with migraines. Massaging the scalp and face thoroughly, taking care to press the temple where the pain is greatest is one way to get rid of a migraine. Additionally, participating in yoga and learning to breathe calmly via breathing exercises may help, especially if heightened stress is the cause of the migraine.

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