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Angioma of the liver


Angiomas of the liver, also called hepatic hemangiomas or angiomas are liver tumors that develop from blood vessels in the liver. A liver angioma is a benign liver tumor formed by small cavities filled with blood. In many cases, the tumor multiplies, and it is mainly found in adults between 30 and 50 years. The size of the tumor is usually less than 4 cm.


In most cases, liver hemangiomas are asymptomatic, that is to say that a patient does not declare any symptoms and doesn't realize himself that a hemangioma is present. Rather, they are discovered by chance during a scan or an ultrasound performed for other reasons. Upon discovery of a hemangioma of the liver, liver biology tests are normal and the patient feels no symptoms due to the angioma.


The diagnosis is not difficult when the patient is not suffering from a liver disease. The Angioma is usually discovered incidentally during an abdominal ultrasound, CT or MRI.


Treatment for hemangioma of the liver is quite simple. If the liver hemangioma is less than 4 cm, no intervention or monitoring is required, the size of the angioma is stable and complications are exceptional. However, if the size is greater than 4 cm, and if the context suggests that a cancer or cirrhosis may be present, the health professional will conduct more imaging tests. However, in the case of a classic angioma without complications, no further action is required.


Angioma of the liver is the result of a non-hereditary congenital malformation, and can neither be prevented nor avoided. Furthermore, no examination exists for the specific prevention of liver hemangioma. There is no need to fear an angioma of the liver because, except in rare cases, it is benign and painless. Its evolution has no complications.

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